All cases, buckles and bracelets are made in the best solid stainless steel material for watch manufacturing. The fine 316L steel is made in Japan – and all cases are carefully hand polished according to the best craftsmanship standards.


Most models are equipped with mineral glass that has undergone special hardening procedures to ensure maximum crack resistance. Our ultra-slim Paper series is equipped with highly scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

All 4,9 mm ultra slim watches are fitted with highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.


All Obaku watches with colors are coated with a titanium ion plating, which is the most advanced technique for long lasting coatings. It is a mixture of titanium and the desired color, which is merged with the stainless steel base material in a fusion process in a vacuum chamber.


The gift box supports the Obaku watch designs by its minimalistic and harmonizing expression, emphasizing the Zen philosophy that less is more.


Most models are equipped with a movement, that uses a Spron battery. This is a silver oxide battery free of mercury and lead. By applying a high precision anode using a surface process technology and a special material for the cathode, silver and lead are completely removed from the battery. The movement can also use ordinary batteries.


Obaku watches come with mercury and lead-free silver oxide SPRON batteries. By applying a highly precise technology the mercury and lead is totally removed from the battery. The movement can also be used with ordinary batteries.


All straps are made in genuine leather – and several versions are assembled in multiple layers which gives the straps a rich structure and identity. Mesh and link bracelets are made in the highest quality 316L Stainless surgical steel and offer a comfortable fit on any wrist.


All watches are at least 3 ATM water resistant and have been individually tested. Some watches are 5 or 10 ATM water resistant. You can see the water resistance marking on the back case of the watch. Only the 10 ATM watches are suitable for swimming.